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Printed Burger Boxes

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Customised Fast Food Packaging - Printed Burger Boxes

Minimum Quantity 50,000 Boxes.

Clamshell Burger boxes are the best available style of boxes to pack to food items especially burgers. Our Burger Clams can be custom printed with CMYK full colour artwork and logos complimenting your fast food packaging.

Customised and Printed on either white or brown food grade cardboard. Leak and grease resistant, keeps food fresh.

Inks used are compatible and adhere to food packaging standards.

Microwaveable - Safe to microwave for instant re-heating.

Branding your burger makes take-out look beautiful and it's affordable.

The Burger Boxes are environment friendly and responsible by helping preserve the environment for future generations. Our Burger boxes are Biodegradable.

Special offer on 200,000 Quantity Ordered

Burger Boxes - Printed Cardboard Food Grade Clam Shell Burger Boxes
120 x 120 x 70 mm
Printed 4 Colour CMYK

Qty 200,000

Free Printing Plates.

Subject to our terms and conditions.

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